Friday, January 1, 2010

Like anyone cares...

I agonize over comments. We've covered that. The tidbit I didn't divulge is that when I finally bit the bullet and set up this blog, it was with the thought that I would simply spew my responses to other blogs without having to actually post a comment where it will either a) not be seen, b) not be responded to, c) reveal me as an idiot/ know-it-all/ jerk, or d) all of the above.

Today's the first time I've found myself needing the outlet.

I love Mormon Bachelor Pad. Go ahead and roll your eyes; I get it. I'm neither Mormon nor single -- not to mention how I don't really want to be counted among the fangirls -- but I absolutely love those guys. I really like reading a guy's perspective, and I find their escapades appalling and humiliating (I embarrass on other people's behalfs, which is weird), but I want to know what's going to happen with these boys, because, let's be honest, they're young. They're very young, a bit immature, definitely inexperienced and lacking in actual wisdom. But they're growing, and those are the posts that keep me going back (and back and back).

Today's post is the one that has had me clenching my teeth all day. Read it. Report back here.

Here's the thing: what am I missing? I knew without a doubt (and was correct in assuming) that the hangers-upon would writhe and foam at the mouth, scrabbling over each other to congratulate Jake. BUT... he's not engaged. As far as I see it, he and his Sanders have simply entered into the realm of "serious relationship" and to that I say, "Welcome! Congrats! Good luck!" Because I think that as an exclusive, serious couple with the thought of marriage already between them, discussed, they're just now beginning to get to the place where they're going to know each other. Now they're going to realize how much they really want to be with the other forever.

I'm not saying that they're going to have to get their heads out of the clouds and go at it from a reasonable, sensible perspective. Lord knows Bryan and I didn't. However, when you/ they/ we are in a serious relationship, thinking of marriage, either you/ they/ we become exceedingly excited by the idea of being with this person for the rest of your life, or you freak out and bail.

Now, I'm a romantic. Learn this early and believe it, because I love romance, am a softie for happy relationships, and, believe you me, I am rooting for them. As far as Jake has described Sanders thus far, I like her. She seems down to earth but not crude, responsible as well as romantic. I could be friends with her (as far as I know her, which is in a semi-fictional, third-person manner, which is to say, not at all). I'm intrigued to see where their relationship will go from here, and I hope for the best, but from Jake's depictions of himself, I'm holding back too much hope. The optimist in me is hoping, but the part of me that has been married for ten years and is (approximately) ten years older than Jake... hesitates.

And all of this is why I couldn't comment. I might still. I have to think about it a little longer.

Commence further input, i.e. gossiping, while I think. Unless you're above gossip, which is excellent. Gossip is a sin. Feel free to berate me in the comments for even suggesting it.


  1. OH MY GOSH. I was going to write a post exactly like this. I hate that blog. I think they're complete A-holes. I can only HOPE they are actually girls who are laughing at the entire thing. I posted a comment on there today. I hope Jake is fake. If he's not, I have no hope for the world.

  2. You know what bothered me worse then the post? The comments. What was with the woman who told him just to have sex with Sanders and move on? What was with all the people telling him he has to get it together more first? That's the beauty of marriage if you ask me. You figure "it" out together. Whether he marries her or not is none of my concern, but why do so many stupid people have opinions?

  3. Beth - None of us have live. The end.

    Boob Nazi - I think they're guys. They're much too focused on making out to be mistaken for girls. Girls faking a guys' blog would be goopier and smarmier and even more suspicious. I don't think girls could pull it off.