Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy, eh?

I'm in a bad, bad mood. Every time I turn my mind to blogging, I feel like bursting into tears. Whenever I begin an introspective train of thought, it leads to moroseness and depression.

In this case, since whining is unattractive and Lord knows I have enough strikes against me, here's what makes me happy:

  • Snow.

Georgia is freakishly cold right now, but there is no snow. I shake my fist at the environment as a whole.

  • New Music

  • Diagramming

I once diagrammed a tongue twister. For fun.
I'm giddy to start diagramming with Elijah.
There may be something wrong with me.
Yes, I am aware of this.
  • New Music

Did I mention that Bryan told everyone who asked to just get me iTunes cards for Christmas? Or that Amazon rewarded me for using a gift card (on music) by giving me credits for more music?

I got a lot of new music for Christmas.

I'm going to go listen to it now because that's safer than continuing to type in a box that will eventually make my words viewable by the public.

Fun fact: All three bands featured in today's post are Canadian. Sweet, eh?


  1. "Sounds like a British new wave band!"

  2. "Hey, bootlegs! No wonder everything's so secret around here; they've
    got pirates!"

  3. You know what else makes you happy? When I call you four hours before I arrive a day early and tell you to vacuum up those pine needles.