Saturday, January 30, 2010

I have the potential to not suck at life

In four very short months, I will be thirty-two. Part of me wants to freak out because that's what I did with twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty and thirty-one. However, there's another part of me that's looking thirty-two in the face, and she's peaceful about this milestone, so peaceful, in fact, the rest of my psyche is actually listening.

Freaking out: I'm two years into my thirties and I've done nothing!

Peaceful: Thirty-two isn't old. I have my whole life still ahead of me.

Freaking out: Look at the last ten/ twelve years; what in the name of all that's grammatically correct have I been doing? Have I honestly spent ten/ twelve years sitting on my butt eating chips and surfing the internet? Will I never get my act together?

Peaceful: This is an opportunity. Every day is an opportunity. So the question should be "what will I be doing now?"

If I feel I've been wasting the years, if that's the worst of my issues, then the solution is to waste no more of the time granted to me. I don't believe I can change the world; I just want to know that I've done what I can with my very small part of this world. I may not ripple history, but I am definitely capable of affecting those around me. I have potential; that is one quality I am sure of. I am intelligent, over-educated, loving, creative and moderately talented. Truth be told, that's a lot to work with.

So, this is my goal for the next four months: Make every day an opportunity to do and be more so that by my birthday, I can not only be peaceful about the number of my years but, what's more, proud of who I am at thirty-two years old.

This is a pretty exciting objective, don't you think?


  1. What??? You need go no further than your home to see what you have done the last ten years! You have made one husband a wonderful partner-in-life, raised one totally awesome, well-behaved son to the age of nine, another happy little cutie to the age of three (and got him potty-trained, alleluia), you have home-schooled Elijah (using some of that college education, I'm sure), you have given one mom and dad such peace knowing their son is married to a great woman who cares more for her family's physical and spiritual health than most women do today. Right now you are doing THE MOST IMPORTANT, UNDERPAID JOB IN THE WORLD -- and doing it excellently--Need I go on? (I would need my own blog, lol)

  2. It is a pretty exciting objective. I wish you luck as you strive to accomplish that.

  3. I've decided to add, "so I don't feel like I've spent my whole life sitting at the computer eating snacks." to my list of reasons why Matt should get me and iPod Touch. This way I can spend my life wandering around with the Internet in my palm. I'm guessing this will cut down quite a bit on my snacking as my iPod Touch will require both hands to properly function.

    Let the 2 year 4 month experiment begin.

    Do you like how I made this about me as well? I seem to be getting good at that.

  4. Coming from a 40 something - 32 is not old! But neither is 40 something. That's why I keep telling my daughter she can't get married yet. In typical 19 something fashion, she's not listening to me.

  5. What a great goal! Mind if I adopt it?

    New to your blog! Loving what I've read, and can't wait to read more!