Monday, January 18, 2010

Lookie! Lookie!

I totally made Beth's list of her ten favorite blogs. She told me she was putting me on it, and I in turn asked if this was because she actually likes my blog or because she felt she must out of some not-entirely-misguided sense of loyalty. She said that's it's both, and I accept that.

Apparently it is customary -- perhaps even considered good blogging courtesy -- to accept this honor by then blogging about my own favorite blogs. My response to this? Okie dokie!

Firstly, were it not creating an infinite loop, hers would be top on my own list. Forget that she's my sister; she's hilarious and unpredictable and irreverent, and she loves her life. I'd read her even if she were an Internet Stranger. As it is, however, I was the first to read her blog, the first to comment, and I visit it as often as she does to read the comments. I'm her blogging sidekick. However, I'm not going to put her on my list, so go ahead and forget I ever mentioned

Ahem. Moving on.

10 Blogs I Love

Pastor Ryan is an Internet Stranger, but I would like Bryan and myself to be best friends with him and his wife in actual, person-to-person real life. Unfortunately, Bryan is shy (read: antisocial), and I think they live a long way from here. I content myself with reading his blog.

Bethany already listed them, but I don't care. As much as I don't want to be counted among their far-too-many fangirls (it's really only a matter of time before there's a cutesy nickname for their avid followers), or the fact that I can't seem to bring myself to commit and comment, I adore these boys. I would wax long-winded on the whys of that, but I'll spare you. Justify yourself with these words if you must: guilty pleasure.

I'm not entire sure how I "found" Sam, maybe through MBP (see above), but I thoroughly enjoy his blog. He's intelligent, thoughtful, well-spoken/ written and amusing. He's also one of my few Twitter associates who actually replies to the odd things I tweet. He makes me laugh. Read him.

Blogs of Adam Owens and his wife Karen. They recently lost their three year old son Gavin after a long, difficult struggle with Mitochondrial Disease. Both of their blogs are outstanding testaments to their faith through and after Gavin's sickness and subsequent death. They are amazing people, and I am humbled and honored to be their sister in Christ.

This particular blog is written by one of my best friends from college, and I actually didn't know about it until I tried to find her address on Facebook so I could send her Pioneer Woman's cookbook for Christmas.
Jackie and I haven't been in touch for nearly the ten years since college, and her blog pretty much proves that she's become a successful grown-up.

Gosh, I miss college...

Actually, it's funny but lately I've noticed how many college-aged bloggers I follow, so I'm wondering more than ever if I ever matured past then. I think so... Sometimes it's hard to tell.

Moving on...

I stumbled upon Shelby Lou's blog on Twitter, and it would take too long to explain how I managed that. Suffice it to say, I love Twitter, and Shelby Lou is one of the cutest things I've ever stumbled across. Her blog is very much about her personal journey into adulthood, her faith and steps toward independence. Her's is one of those blogs that I have to remind myself that I'm the Internet Stranger, not her sister, and to not be all stalkery and creepy.

Yeah, this is another blog I have to remind myself not to be the weird stalker. She has a huge following thanks to her association with MBP, so it's easy to keep my sisterly tendencies to myself.
Love her for her photography, adorable husband, sense of humor and propensity for goofy faces.

NYT Bestseller Jennifer Crusie blogs. *snicker*
I don't stalk her all creepy-vampire like, so I don't have a lot of insight, but I love her writing style.

Today, I spent an inordinate amount of time clicking links. I clicked links from Bethany's list o' faves through to someone else's list o' faves and somehow (I couldn't recreate the experience if you put a gun to my head) came upon this little gem. Yes, today. I am now following her, official-like, and I look forward to reading more and getting to know Miss Givinya de Elba better.

In recap, I do indeed read these blogs. I do indeed recommend you do as well. However, it was incredibly difficult to make a list that wasn't a duplicate of Bethany's. We follow a lot of the same blogs (so we can then talk about them, you know, like a book club).

I don't apologize for duplicated MBP. I couldn't help myself.


  1. Well, I'm just never commenting on your blog again for not including me.... hahaha

  2. I couldn't duplicate all of Beth's! I thought I covered that...
    Egads. *hangs head in shame* *sniff*

  3. haha if I really thought that, I wouldn't have commented!
    I comment even if there's no reciprocation, you know that. :)

  4. I wanted to stop by your blog, since you did the same. I am new follower too.

  5. Thanks for listing me. Glad I make you laugh.

  6. I like how you described each of them. I still have to think of my top ten. I will though. Oh, yes, I will.