Friday, January 1, 2010

Beauty, eh?

Okay, can I say that this was one of my favorite New Year's Eves? I cleaned (almost) the entire apartment, fed my family, bathed both kids and put one to bed, then went and put on make-up and jewelry and a silk shirt so we could gorge ourselves silly on things that I shall now restrict myself from and watch Timeline with Elijah (knights, you know... he's obsessed). The acting is lame, but Gerard Butler saves the day.

Mmm, baby, Gerard Butler.

Right. Sorry.

But the movie finished at nine or nine-thirty, and we were ticking through other movies available through Netflix-via-Xbox and we came across Bob & Doug McKenzie, i.e. a little something called "Strange Brew." It's the Canadian version of "Up in Smoke," which I didn't enjoy. This I did. It's goofy and weirdly innocent, considering it's a movie about beer, which I also don't enjoy. This I did.

Seriously, Bryan and I are going to be tossing Canadian stereotyped quips at each other for days, I know it.

Sure wish I was Canadian, eh? Yes, yes, I do.


  1. Is that Rick Moranis? Enough said I think.

  2. You of all people want to find this movie and watch it. Highlarity.

  3. YOU HADN'T SEEN IT BEFORE LAST NIGHT?!?!? But it's such a classic! I've seen it sooo many times!