Sunday, February 21, 2010

Secret & Whisper (or: may my mother-in-law forgive me)

In honor of some extremely exciting news I recieved today:

Secret and Whisper is a fairly new band to our repetoire -- maybe six months -- added upon a recommendation by my brother Justin (my music dealer). The band itself is on the Tooth & Nail label which has long been considered a Christian label, but I think quite a few bands have been coming along the label that wouldn't consider themselves Christian. I'm uncertain where Secret and Whisper stands, to be honest. What I do know (and what makes them reasonable Sunday listening) is that their lyrics and content are clean, I don't mind my kids listening to them, and -- yes -- they're on a label that has given me music in years past.

Some of our family's favorites include:

Spider Besider
Looming Moon
and Attacker, which Bryan says has "sick, insane drumming." He's not wrong.

My mother and my mother-in-law may never forgive me for these, but if you're not my mother or mother-in-law, I urge you to give Secret and Whisper a fair trial. And, Mom, it's Jay's fault.

Oh, and that awesome news? New Secret and Whisper album releases 4/6. Woo!


  1. My thoughts on Secret and Whisper. I hated this video and decided early on not to watch it b/c it made me hate the music. I figured if I was going to give the band a fair shot I should close my eyes and not look directly at the jaunty camera work that was making me wicked dizzy and mildly nauseous.
    That being said, the music was good. Not my style as I prefer a prettier singing voice. I wish I could give it a more ringing endorsement but that best I have for this band is: I don't hate them.
    Can you live with that?

  2. Wasn't that your ringing endorsement for "radio-friendly" OLP? "I don't hate it"?

    Meh, I expected you to hate it, so I'll take "I don't hate it." Works for me. :-)