Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wuv according to Facebook

The latest Valentine's trend via Facebook is to post a picture of yourself and "your spouse or significant other" and note how long you've been together. My college friends tossed up pictures of themselves and their husbands and everyone is adorable and perfect. If I didn't actually like these people, I would hate them. But I do, so I don't.

Anyway, I thought, what the heck, I'll see what kind of pictures Bryan and I have together. You know, what we have from, say, the last year? What we have are a handful of photos of the four of us (courtesy of my mother-in-law, usually... Hi, Mom! Everyone say hi) and two pictures from our ten-year-anniversary weekend-away in Maine last year.

This one, in which I want to be killing him but am instead keeping us from driving off Cadillac Mountain:

Misaligned us

And this one: Tiny us

... in which Bryan set the timer on a rock further down and took the picture. We're tiny. If you zoom in (I have), my cleavage is impressive. You'd also note the book in my lap, which I read for much of our time in Acadia National Park while Bryan took a grazillion pictures of trees and rocks and grass. The book was not good, but it was still more interesting than standing around watching him while he was doing this.

For the record, I bore easily.

So, I dug a little deeper into our files. We have pictures of us with the kids, sure, a few from over the years, but there aren't many, and to be perfectly blunt, there are none of the two of us alone.

This is partly (think 80%) my fault; I hate having my picture taken. Most picture taken of me end up like this:

No way, man.
(and if they don't, the sentiment is the same)

I don't post on Facebook often, but this, I felt, was necessary. "There are no pictures of me and Bryan alone," I wailed (secretly relieved). Bryan, of course snarked that we had the above pictures from Maine, and then suggested I post this one:

Pint size us
It's the picture we used on our wedding invitations. We were cute.

One of Bryan's co-workers (who, rumor has it, is going to be inviting me, the little wife, out for a girls' night) commented, "Take one tonight and post it!"

Oh, Lord...

I'm a grown-up. I sucked up my issues and took out the camera. I took a couple of pictures of the boys and tried to catch one of Bryan rocking the (Rock Band) drums, but was, alas, unsuccessful. However, my three year old, who possesses more talent as a photographer than I do, caught one of me. One that I did not automatically delete. One that I will now post here. Because I'm growing as a person.

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

As for Facebook, I posted this:

1999 - Kissing

It's not exactly current, but at least it's representative of us.
Plus I like Bryan's hair.


  1. oh my gosh Jessica, how old is that pic of you and Bryan on mom and dad's porch (that is now a kitchen)?

    I'm not sure if Matt and I have any recent pictures together either. I never give it much thought. I suppose that means that the next time we get the kids pics done we should do family ones...I'm going to have to up my workout schedule and stop eating then.

    I hate those fb things. I mostly hate fb I think. I think you should have posted a picture of rocks instead of the two of you just to prove a point.

    Oh and that one picture of your hand reminds me of the chahbaby and almost ever picture I've ever tried to take of him.

  2. I like your pictures! I tend to delete mine too though.
    What!? I don't look the same all day as the moment I first apply my makeup and comb my hair? Delete.
    That particular facebook thing hasn't reached me yet. I should hurry up and do it so all my friends think that I've started a movement! or not.

  3. Are those cute little kids really the two of you? If so, what is your story? If not, what is your story?