Sunday, February 7, 2010

Art and Christian Music - Hammock

Did you catch the post in which I stated that I've been spending too much time on etsy? No? That's all right.

I have several pages of favorites, mostly prints, that I've tried to sit Bryan down and explain my vision for. Mostly, for my trouble, I've gotten, "Uh huh. What's in the cart?" Impatient MAN.

As I was flipping through random searches, I came across this lovely triptych, called "Night Bokeh."

Which is precisely what it is.

However, I caught sight of that and stopped. I could feel everything in me still, falling into place.
Why? Because it reminds me of this:

*whispers* This is Hammock.

Hammock is the project of two of Common Children's former members.

I only discovered Hammock last summer. They've been making music since 2004, and my Common Children broke up in 2002, but I didn't find them until 2009. Is anyone else upset by this math?

Why didn't anyone tell me?

I mention Common Children a lot. I'm aware of it. This is partly because they only made three albums, one of which is severely sentimental to my adolescence and subsequent courtship to the chaheaded man I married, and this is partly because they only made three albums and then broke up -- eight years ago -- so I've developed kind of a rosy hindsight. It happens.

This is a song from their third album; the relationship to the music Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson are making now as Hammock is pretty distinct. It's a lovely song, and I felt strongly that it should have been used for New Moon in the scene when Bella races across Voltura, splashing through the fountain as she searches the crowd for Edward...! But, of course, it wasn't. The music people really should have listened to me.

(Don't worry, JoAnn. None of this is screamy. You might like it.)


  1. I think it's funny that you say you tried to explain your "vision" and then show picture of art that makes me feel I am going blind. lol. "I Can Almost See You" is a much more appropriate title imho. The music almost borders on Yanni (the first, not the second.) Both these pieces are totally at the other end of the spectrum from the rock of the other day's post. Glad to see some balance :).

  2. Do you know how much I suck? (you weren't supposed to say yes) I skipped both videos. I prefer stupid pop music. It's a wonder you don't hate me.

    I found the art work interesting and I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed our time "shopping together" the other day.

  3. This music is so beautiful! It truly is "ART" love, mom