Friday, February 5, 2010

I am the queen of not-getting-to-it

I am a procrastinator. This is not a secret. As a matter of fact, I've simply lived my life with the full knowledge of this quality of mine and worked with it/ around it.

However, as a homeschooling-stay-at-home-mom-with-a-toddler-a-blog-art-projects-and-a-neverending-book, I kind of hate myself right now. Seriously. I haven't graded Elijah's math in weeks. Rather than mop, I made cupcakes. Rather than watch my Netflix, I shopped etsy for a week straight. Rather than work out an awesome-holy-crap-I'm-the-greatest-Mom-ever art unit on Van Gogh, complete with mimicry painting... I took a bath and read an entire YA novel in one sitting, er, bath.

Do you recognize my pattern? Put off one project for another? The upside is that my apartment is cleaner now than it has been in years. The downside is that there are a dozen dropped threads (metaphorically) all over said apartment.

The worst part, the reason I hate myself at this point in my life for a quality I've always possessed? I haven't had a quiet time all week. It's the easiest "task" to push off. It requires quiet and the idea of not being interrupted. Sounds simple, but you obvious haven't met my non-sleeping children (that's right, I included Elijah in that because lately he's decided to have a whole lot of sleeping issues), who feel it within their right to wander into my room at any point after bedtime, burst into tears and make me shriek and jump out of my skin (I startle easily).

I don't know what I'm waiting for. Everything else to become still maybe. All I know is that I look over at my journal and Bible and suddenly can smell the mildew in my shower.


p.s. Speaking of  both art and procrastinating, what's this painting missing? Technically, it could be done, but I look at it and know that it's not. I just can't figure out what's missing. Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Someone? Anyone?


  1. I wish I could take a bath here. My bath is SO shallow, and I can't.

  2. lol shallows baths are the worst.

    As for the quiet time thing, I hear you. It is so easy to put off. I think I've finally decided to adopt the there-is-no-such-thing-as-quiet-so-just-pray-wherever-you-are time.

  3. Jeremiah the Bullfrog is missing a big, gigantic, joyful smile! imo