Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kicking it Old School

... which makes Bethany and Justin think of DC Talk, I bet. Am I right?

No, I was thinking more Sixpence.

Sixpence None the Richer was one of my favorite bands when I was in college. Matt Slocum -- guitarist, cellist, lyricist extraordinaire -- was my (not really) idol; I adored him. When I transferred upstate to finish my degree, I had no posters, so I plastered my side of the dorm room with Sixpence lyrics. When "Kiss Me" played over the college radio, I nearly peed my pants. Little did I know how I would come to despise hearing those lilting chords and Leigh Nash's sweet voice singing these sickly sweet lyrics. Little did I know that one of the more innocent, romantic songs from my listening collection would become unlistenable after having to hear it a GRAZILLION times.

Until I found the punk-reminiscent cover version, that is...

Sixpence has suffered a whole bunch of bad luck with labels, which if you're interested, you can read about here. They broke up in 2004, and that was that. Right? Wrong. In 2008, Sixpence reconvened to release an EP that is now unavailable anywhere, and, subsequently, a Christmas album. As much as I love Sixpence and as loyal as I am, I do not own this new album. I have a thing about Christmas music in case you've forgotten.

However, the band is working on a new album right now. *squee* Every few days, they post pictures via Facebook of themselves in the studio and hanging out. Very cool.

And so, in honor of Sixpence's impending album, go, listen:

A lovely cover version of a Sixpence song

(Just because I never actually matured past putting pictures of the band everywhere...)

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  1. I loved this band in early college like whoa. My favorite song of theirs is "Tonight I can write" or whatever the heck it's called, which contains the verses from one of my favorite ever Pablo Neruda poems. That's just such a lovely, plaintive song. It always gives me goosebumps. *goes to hunt it up in her iPod*