Thursday, February 18, 2010

Perhaps I should accept that "Insomniac" is my natural state of being

I should write something about how I watched the Olympics tonight for three straight hours, how I squealed and hollered so much over the snowboarders' 1080s and corks that I should probably be punished for being a bad mother and not considering my children, sleeping just beyond the wall at my back.

However, I am exhausted. I'm slowly easing up on my caffeine intake under the banner of hope that my sleeping habits will regain normalcy.

So I leave you with a B-side that deserves to be shared.

... And maybe a quick whoop over the AIR this kid gets... and those wicked 1080s...


  1. aw, the Shaun White video wouldn't play for me, but if you go to NBC's website they have it up. I let my kids watch it. Then I let them watch Lindsey Vonn's run. Anthony was disappointed that she didn't fall and bump her head. He might watch too many cartoons. I think I should maybe have a talk with him. Explaining cartoon vs. reality to a 3 year old. That should be fun.

  2. Maybe I should watch the Olympics. I tuned in when it was in Salt Lake City. I'm not gonna hold out for it coming here to New Mexico.