Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Music and the problem of aging

In Twitter conversation (hi, AnnieChristina!), I was introduced to a band with the unfortunate moniker of The New Pornographers. I promptly went to Bethany's fave, MySpace Music, heard a couple of song -- the first of which still sort of tingles in my toes -- then loped over to my old faithful, YouTube.

This is my initial review: Holy mackerel.

Now tell me that the harmonies didn't make your life a little happier. I know they made mine.

In a similar conversation via good ol' Facebook, this artist, Dustin Kensrue, was recommended to me (his wiki profile is pretty interesting, though he's no Dave Matthews. Seriously, DM reads like a novel).

Do you mind if I sidetrack for a moment?

The friend on Facebook who recommended Dustin Kensrue is a long time friend, as in, his father officiated my and Bryan's wedding more than ten years ago, and we attended their church, and this kid was one of my favorite people when I was twenty and he was eleven.

He's engaged.

... Engaged. My little eleven year old friend is twenty-two and engaged.

Every time I see a picture of him all grown up, I feel a bit jolted. What do you mean I'm not twenty anymore? What do you mean he's not eleven? For real? When did that happen?

He seems to have grown into a very lovely man. Knowing his parents, I'm not surprised, but it's sad that I missed it somehow.

Dude, when did I get so old?


  1. I love Dave Matthews band.

    Regarding the aging process, I suggest that you are not aging as rapidly as he is. He may just overtake you someday. He was 1/2 your age; now he is 2/3 your age. Next it will be 3/4 and well, you get the picture. Thanks to Abbott and Costello for that mathmatical lesson in aging.

  2. Scary with the aging process,huh? I turn 30 in a little over a year and am horrified. I don't know why 30 hits me so hard but it's like I'm not young anymore and it's all downhill from there. Of course my husband is 9 years older than me and I don't view him as old-a bit ironic how it appears old for me but not for others.

    Anyhow-thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I love new visitors :)

  3. IF you are old then I am old. You are not old. I have spoken.