Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This One Goes Out To The One I Love

The Mister actually requested I write a happy post. This isn't difficult, though I was a little disturbed to read through the handful of blogs I've posted and hear how negative and complainy and sarcastic I sound. I'm not really. I'm the person who laughs first in the theater. I'm the person who can't stop smiling when you're telling a story. I'm the person who hugs you when you're having a sucky day. I really am.

So, because he asked so sweetly and because he correctly deduced its need, I hereby dedicate this post to him.

Things that make me happy:
  • Tushies. Baby tushies. Little boy tushies. I giggle.

Nakie Tushie

  • My dad singing any of the obscure songs for which he's renowned. Then promising, "That's a real song, you know." I've been hearing this since I was born; I still love it.

  • My sister vowing she would go to Silversun Pickups with me if she were still visiting when they played in Atlanta, despite the fact that she hates all music I love. How great is she?

  • Bryan's sense of humor.

Exibit A:


Exhibit B:

Starbucks pose

(His hair kind of makes me happy too. As does Asher's hat.)

Exhibit C:

Sleeping on the Job

  • You know what else makes me happy? Punk music. Ooh, I especially like when songs I previously enjoyed are covered by punk(ish) bands. I become giddy. It's true.

  • And screaming in otherwise nonscreamy music. I grin very very big. Oh, like Common Children. Lord, I miss Common Children.

  • And musicians that are as good live as they are in studio. I'm pretty sure that's the entire reason I have such a girl crush on Hayley Williams of Paramore. She's amazing.

Yes, I enjoy music. Why do you ask? Maybe it has something to do with my very unimpressive musical ability. You know how when you love something but are no good at it? Yeah, that. I have rhythm; I can read music; I can even play piano; I can carry a tune. I'm am only missing actual talent. So sad.

Enter iTunes and Pandora and my brother. He's my music dealer.

Mom & Justin

Oh, and one more happy thing...

  • My Mom. She's awesome. Of course, she can't buy a break.

Mom & Bryan


  1. Fun, I loved the link to obscure songs. I may or may not have gotten up to dance and sing along.
    Sadly your last three links, musicians, Common Children and Paramore refused to work for me. :(

  2. Other than Bryans hair I think that everything that makes you happy makes me happy too. I love screaming in otherwise non-screamy music.