Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve. That's how my older son greeted me this morning, and thus, that is how I greet you.

On this day last year, we were in New York, hanging out with my in-laws, gearing up for dinner with extended family and presents. This year, we are safely ensconsed in our apartment in Georgia, a thousand miles from any extended family. All of the gifts are wrapped (that are remaining in Georgia), and all the gifts that are meant to be in New York are in New York. I have a breakfast casserole made for Christmas morning, the clothes for Christmas Eve service ready to go, stockings are hung and stuffers are ready & waiting.

I have zero stress. ZERO. I'm pretty sure that means I've forgotten to do something.

So, with zero stress, last night, rather than reading my Bible or praying as I should be in preparation for a holiday I wanted to be worshipful rather than material, or working on this:

I was here, watching this:

(I did tell you I don't like Christmas music, right?)

I did that until 1:30. Then I overslept this morning. Now, I must be on my way. First,

Zen Coffee

Then a spelling test & math lesson with Elijah.
Then I shall attempt a recipe I've never tried before.
Everyone's going to get gussied up, then Christmas Eve service at church.
Then, while the boys are doing this:

Elijah, asleep

(Asher more likely this:)

Asher... not sleeping

I shall stuff stockings, lay gifts under the tree, wrap the one gift I keep forgetting about and attempt this once more:


Love to you all today and tomorrow.

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  1. I'm watching tv while everyone is out shopping.... oh well