Friday, December 18, 2009

So last night...

So last night, the Mister made the header for this brand-spanking-new blog, and I sat there as he showed off his mad Photoshop/ Dreamweaver/ html skillz, telling him how my aesthetic sensibilities were affected, trying not to doze off. He doesn't bore me; my sleeping schedule is less than ideal.

Anyway. So, brand-spanking-new header in metaphorical hand, I headed back to my laptop, plugged said header in, admired it, made my brand-spanking-new blog public and began the nearly OCD task of rechecking (for the grazillionth time) Facebook and Twitter. Facebook was dormant, as all my contacts live in the eastern timezone and go to bed at normal times like adults are supposed to do, all except for me, of course. So on to Twitter.

"Twitter has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army."

Um. Joke, right? On me, right? Because, while not a n00b, I'm not the dextrous internet l33t that others are. I know this. I accept it.

I called for the Mister, as close to l33t as I will ever be.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Open Twitter," I said.

"Why?" he asked.

"Um," I said, still feeling as though I was about to be the unwitting butt to a joke I don't get, "just see if it will open for you." It didn't, so I dragged him back across the apartment to where my laptop still showed this has-to-be-a-joke screen. He burst out laughing. I was definitely feeling like I was missing the punchline.

"Well," said he, "I guess you should stay off of Twitter. If you use that password anywhere else, you might want to change it."

"'Kay," I said. "I'm going to bed." This is what I do when I'm disconcerted. It's how I make up for all the lack of sleep that occurs elsewise.

So I go to bed. I woke up this morning wondering if Twitter is broken and what kind of an uproar this caused, only to discover that no one else seemed to have noticed. Wha? So... not a big deal then. I guess...

The Mister did the research (it's what he does while I'm researching how the singer from Blur is the voice behind 2D of Gorillaz and that Adam Gauntier of Three Days Grace was born the same week I was and listen to the Relient K/ Owl City song "Terminals" over and over, wondering if the lyric is "But if grace recieves all my weight/ it becomes a crutch/ And I don't want to walk with crutch so much that I can't stand taller than before" and debate whether I agree: Should we as Believers not use grace as a crutch and isn't grace actually the rock & foundation under our feet, so that wanting to stand without it is folly and pride? I really wish I knew if that's the correct lyric because it disturbs me. Not my point, though) and found that the event wasn't nearly as catastrophic as we might have wondered last night.

I went on to do my own research (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter) and found that no one is reacting. Yahoo didn't even bother to mention it. None of my Facebook contacts noticed. Only two (four counting two tweets late last night) Twitter contacts made allusion to it.

So... I guess that's it then, huh?

... Well, that's good, I guess.

I don't know. I still feel as though I'm missing something.

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