Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inappropriate Anecdote

Do you recall that I mentioned I was still working out where my line might lay for what's appropriate to share with the world at large? Well, I've thought about it somewhat and decided that I cannot in good conscience talk about either a) my personal experiences regarding sex, as that's between me, my husband, God and no one else, and b) questions and conversations we have with our children about sex. I came to this particular conclusion when I realized that by sharing those particular conversations with you, I was betraying the safe environment we're trying to create for our kids to ask questions about private things.

However... *enter evil chuckle here*... I'd already had this written before I came to that conclusion. Plus it's short. And already written so I don't have to write something else. Whatever.


We recently had The Talk with our nine year old. I knew the time was coming, but that time came to fruition when I overheard a conversation he was having with his eleven-year-old neighborhood friend.

Me: OMIGOSH. Cue nervous giggling and fast talking.

The Talk was worse for me than it was for him, but it opened the door for us to have more conversations about sex and sexual matters in a very private, safe environment. Read: NOT THE PARKING LOT WITH A PREADOLESCENT ACQUAINTANCE. It should be noted that since that first, blushy introduction to the graphic details, I have lost all embarrassment and now say things I probably shouldn't.

So I relayed the entire talk to Bryan and recommended he have further discussion with his son -- since HE'S THE MAN -- which he then did a few nights later. They walked around the block, looking at Christmas lights and talked about a few things, and somehow they came around to this:

Elijah: But you didn't have sex when you had Asher.

Bryan: Um. Actually...

Elijah, alarmed and possibly appalled: WHERE WAS I?

... It's a good thing I wasn't with them, because I may have actually answered this question.


  1. Nice. I still don't understand why you won't let me divulge the most secret details of your life.

  2. Boob Nazi - so glad to have amused you. :-D

    Bethany - honestly, what more is there to say? And why would you be telling my stories? You and Matt seem to have enough of your own. ;-)

    Sam - So not a problem. Thanks for reading. And following. And being hilarious yourself. :-)