Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Me

I recently referred to Asher as my doppelganger, honestly believing that this was hyperbole. 

... And then Bryan and I found this picture from Asher's camera.

  Keep staring at it. Eventually the two faces will merge into one. Seamlessly.

Bryan was honestly a little freaked out. And he sees us both every single day. Together.

Eerie. Genetics are eerie.


  1. Great shot. I do see a resemblance ;)! Glad I was able to see the comparison in person this Thanksgiving! Thanks again for everything.

  2. I love the name Asher...that's my future son's name! (If I'm blessed enough to have one)..


  3. JoAnn - It was a pleasure having you! It was a fun weekend. :-)

    Eva - Thank you so much! I pray your future Asher is every bit as hilarious as mine. He's a keeper. :-)