Monday, November 15, 2010

The Lesson That Comes Back to Bite Me... and The Dresden Dolls

Saturday night, I left my house.


The full story is that my brother-in-law Aaron drove up from Florida, so that he and I could attend the Dresden Dolls show in Atlanta together. We had an amazing time, the band is OUTSTANDING, and that's all I'm going to say on the matter.*

This I will say, however: Dear Lord in Heaven, is Brian Viglione an amazing drummer. I'm fairly certain I stood with my mouth hanging open, drooling a little, watching him play. As a matter of fact, watching him play drums should count as drum research, and I should receive some kind of NaNoWriMo write-off for it. Not sure how that would work though.

What lesson did I learn watching him pound his drums like a man who knows his basics, has more than the standard two arms & two legs, respects the classics and plays with unbounded joy?

Um... Only that I reeeeeeally wish I would have learned to play drums when I was fifteen. That's a missed opportunity I'm sorely regretting these days. For serious.

 ~Thanks to Aaron for the 1000th time for inviting me along.~

*The band is potty-mouthed, sings controversial subject matter and condones offensive behavior/ philosophies. I can't listen to their music with my children anywhere near, and that means I can't recommend them in good conscience from this blog. For what it's worth, however, they are amazing musicians, and I enjoyed their performance thoroughly.

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  1. Don't you need an exclamation point here: "Dear Lord in Heaven, is Brian Viglione an amazing drummer."? lol! Glad you had a good time. I can't believe Aaron drove 8 hours to attend. Calculate the cost, Man! Well, he must have really wanted to go. I am sure he appreciated your going with him as much as you did. ((Shakes head))Still so impractical for Aaron...we are shaken!