Monday, August 23, 2010

Poor Planning. Good Music.

This morning I thought, I should Sunday-Music-Blog about MxPx, because I love them, but I only had about thirty minutes left to get my family ready for church, so that was out. A book shot the rest of the afternoon. By this evening, I was over the original idea and ready to just move on with my non-blogging life, which is pretty much all of it, but then I made the mistake of heading into YouTube to find a song I wanted to listen to, which led me to a band I haven't listened to in ages: Chagall Guevara.

I can't recall the circumstances of my introduction to Chagall Guevara, no matter how I wish I could. Most likely, the music-loving mother of a friend of my sister's (no, seriously) lent me a tape, but I could be way off the mark. The music, however, is familiar. What's even better, it's not the vaguely laughable familiarity of out-dated, childhood music; it's still really good. Or, possibly, I hated it back then and have now grown into it. Stranger things have happened.

One of the commenters on this video stated it best:
"This song still sounds great, but the video hasn't aged well."
God forgive us the early nineties.

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