Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Get Happy

It's definitely more than time for a happy post. Definitely.

First -- as a disclaimer -- my family makes me happy. Elijah is super bright, Asher is super funny, and Bryan might be the most astounding (patient, hilarious, communicative, good) man I could have picked.
They also frustrate and exasperate me. All of them. Just as I frustrate and exasperate them. Which is why I have smaller, much more trivial ways of coaxing a little joy into our lives.
That said...

1. Punk Music.

To be honest, Green Day was my introduction to punk (I know, I know... pop punk), but hot upon the heels of Dookie came Pokinatcha, so MxPx was really my first punk love. 

Dude. I loved that album. Fast drums, cute bassist, annoying adolescent know-it-all lyrics. Dude. Love.

I was that young too, you know, right about that time.
Do you know how cute I was when they were that young? Wicked cute.

Me and Bethany, 1996, specifically my 18th birthday. Cutenesses.

2. Converse

I debuted my new gray low-tops at church Sunday, and one of my young friends/ helpers immediately asked how Asher was doing. Because of the Converse. She remembered he was mine because of my penchant for rubber toed sneakers. Make of that what you will.

3. Pierced Monster Toys

Okay, to explain this, I have to live up to the title of this blog.

You see, some weeks ago, the boys were watching Nick or Disney or whatever, and we saw a commercial for the Monster High Toys or ... YouTube Episodes. Not sure. Actually, the commercial wasn't entirely forthcoming. I rolled my eyes and discounted the entire thing as one very big and bad gimmick.

And then I caught sight of the toys in Target. And fell in love.
The dolls are actually really cute, and the guy... Deuce Gorgon...
Major himbo in the commercial. Total babe in vinyl. 

I'm kidding; he's a toy.

From Captain Toy
He does have a super sweet face, bright green eyes, and -- you can ask Elijah, I totally squealed in Target over this -- a pinna piercing. That's not even making mention of his mohawk, tattoo and shoes. He's so cute. I would have bought him if he could be bought separately from his "girlfriend" Cleo de Nile, who is cute enough, but not for the $30 I'd have to pay for the two of them together.

Oh, you noticed that I have no shame about buying a toy for myself for no good purpose?

... The mister bought the G.I. Joe Night Raven for himself for our anniversary.

I don't even know where the put the quotation marks in that last statement to fully emphasize how much of a joke that last prepositional/ adverbial phrase is. *Eye roll*

4. The fact I just referred to a prepositional/ adverbial phrase.

Tell me that didn't make you giggle a little too.

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  1. I love MXPX! And my future son's name will be Asher!