Monday, August 9, 2010

Does this piercing make me look fat?

This may surprise the very few of you who read this little blog o' mine, particularly since I'm pretty sure I've only ever uttered this statement to my mister and my sister, but I want a lip ring.


It's not a persistent longing. The thought doesn't keep me awake at night; I have a lot of other crazy things in my head for that task. But every once in a while, I think of it, and my thought runs along the lines of, "Gosh, I'd really like a lip ring."

Now, this isn't something I would just run out and do. Firstly, because I research and sit on these impulses of mine for a Good. Long. While. It's safer than acting on impulse. I know this is true because I am unerringly fickle, and impulsive behavior and fickleness aren't exactly compatible. Secondly, the small amount of research I have done suggests that a lip piercing is a rather significant piercing to get. If not well cared for, the piercing or ring itself could affect not only the gums but the jaw and teeth as well. What's more, my research suggests that I find a very well respected piercer, develop a relationship, etc. No teeny-bopper at Claire's for this undertaking. Thirdly (or fourthly... where am I?), I'm not ready.

It's a perception thing. I am reaching the time of my life in which I care less and less what people think of me, but I find that as that happens, I become more and more critical of myself. So, in this, I look at myself -- as I am now -- and I look at that idea of myself with a lip ring, and I think, yeah right. The dumpy hausfrau who is incredibly conservative, never finishes a project, has about a thousand other issues that needs addressing? Yeah, she's not going to be sporting a lip ring at any time soon.

Or would she? To match her pearls.

But I can't just say, fine, let's address those issues, because -- as any adult with any sense of self understands -- we are always growing and always changing. It's ongoing. It's every day, every decision. So, I'll face the next decision, the next day, and I'll continue to sit on this particular whim of mine.

So, while I'm incubating, I ask your perspective on this: How do you feel about a thirty-two year old homeschooling mother of two, a Christian woman, showing up at church with a lip ring? Is it simply ridiculous? Grow up, Punk. You're not seventeen. You missed the rebellious stage; get over it. Or is this something that isn't so far-fetched?

For those who have had piercings or tattoos, what advice might you give? I'd appreciate any and all.


  1. Blogger glitched on my mother-in-law, but this is the comment she left:

    The question to ask is, "what is this thing going to do for me?" It may get you just what you don't (I think, anyway) want - as in MORE ATTENTION. I think your perception of yourself as a "dumpy hausfrau" is what the problem is. You are hardly either. (BTW, the woman in the picture doesn't and never did exist. She was created for tv.) We will always love you for who YOU are (lip ring or NOT)!

  2. Lip Ring!? Great Idea, I love it!! Get ready for a boat-load of criticism though. Everyone has a strong opinion of these things. I say go for it and if you don't like it, take it out. You are beautiful either way to me!

  3. I don't see this desire as anything more or less than that, a desire. In my mind it isn't any different than a 50 year old getting cool shoes.
    However, if you're unsure if you will change your mind about it, pray and peacefully contemplate before you do get a lip ring, because unlike shoes, you can't take it back if you don't like it. Also, stop judging yourself so harshly. You are awesome, and I should know, your my girl,Punk.