Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Mothers Swear He's Normal

This is my firstborn.

...and his little brother. But mostly my firstborn.

He makes this face a lot when I turn the camera on him.


(Random kid at park. And my firstborn. And that goofy smile.)

Seriously, kid?

Ooh, one that isn't that expression.
Hi, babe. Nice hair.

Hey, I love you.



  1. I love the cheese grin and I only wish that my firstborn would still let me take pictures of him without having to use my super sleuth skills.

  2. What a goofy kid...What can we say, he's a Bell Boy and we LUV him!

  3. I seem to recall Justin posing with an empty can of chicken noodle soup and a spoon with a huge cheesy grin. Do you remember this?

    If our trip down memory lane about our brother teaches us anything it's that your kid is doomed.

  4. Ha, this made me laugh and nod in agreement...I have 3 of those!