Sunday, March 7, 2010

How My Childhood Sounds From Here

Bryan and I talk about our childhoods a lot, and we've determined a few differences between how we grew up: 1) he watched a lot more television than I did, and 2) I listened to a lot more music.

I remember many mornings coming out to our living room where my father would be sitting in front of the stereo, recording our vinyl records onto tape because that's what you did. How would we listen to our music in the car otherwise?

I could go on a looooooong walk down memory lane about all the music my parents listened to, but this week I was reminded of a few specific musicians that I'd rather share. There aren't any stories to go along with the music, because so much of it was simply there, all the time. I took it for granted, and that almost makes it all the more precious when I rediscover it.

In the above video, the host mentions the song "My Tribute." I, of course, clicked related videos and listened to Andrae Crouch sing "My Tribute," thrilled because I knew this song. It's another staple of my early childhood! However, something was off. I knew it as sung by a female... and I couldn't figure out who.

Somehow, in the throes of a wild YouTube goose chase, I figured it out:

And finally, few musicians have had the impact that Keith Green has had, not only on me, but on at least three generations of Christians. He's been gone for nearly thirty years, and he's still missed.

My favorite Keith Green song and probably a fairly significant reason that I love the piano:

This has nothing to do with anything, but the crackle of a record player still fills me with a sense of comfort. Does anyone else get that?


  1. I hardly watched TV growing up. I was more about books.

  2. I remember the record players. All these artists were familiar to me. But my favorite hobby was always reading. And, of course, I watched the A-Team.