Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Music - David Crowder*Band

I have nothing but respect for those artists who love their God -- our God -- with every cell of their beings and use every talent in their treasury to serve him better. I salute David Crowder and his bandmates (as well as others, such as Matt Redman) for speaking exactly the noise I can hear inside myself and never quite translate into sense. Thank you.

"I Need Words"
I need words
As wide as sky
I need language large as
This longing inside
And I need a voice
Bigger than mine
And I need a song to sing You
That I've yet to find
I need You,
Oh, I need You
I need You,
Oh, I need You
To be here now
To be here now
To hear me now
To hear me now

God of wrath
God of love
God of Earth
And God above
God of hope
God of peace
God of you
And God of me

God of day
God of night
God the just
And God the light
God of the strong
God of the weak
God of you
And God of me

My love for You
My heart for You
My life for You
All I am for You

Blood through my veins for You
I give my world to You
All I am and all I have
I lay it down for You
Dancing 'round with You
Spinning 'round with You
Laughing loud with You
My love

And a little something extra...

I can't seem to recall when I first heard "End of October" nor can I explain why I got so excited tonight when I heard it again, but I love it. Consider it a musical cookie from me to you. ;-)

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