Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When life jumps out at you and yells "HA!"

I and my little family are packing up our apartment of the last four and a half years and moving fifteen miles to an actual house surrounded on all sides by actual yard. This is a first for us. Bryan and I have lived in apartments our entire marriage, and our boys haven't ever had a place to simply go out and play on a nice day. We're stoked.

However, that means that I am trying to pack a few boxes day by day, the stuff we won't need for the next three weeks, which isn't a problem, but I'm also juggling Asher (he's the equivalent of three balls, all by himself) as well as Elijah's schooling, standardized testing, church nursery duty, Bryan's cold, and my own. And that's only the simple stuff.

So, I find myself watching a lot of music videos these days. Sounds counter productive? Yeah, probably, but it's my coping mechanism when napping isn't an option.

In the last few days of packing and cleaning and summer weather, I've been turning to Our Lady Peace pretty often. It's my happy music. They're my favorite.

The above song is from an album (Spiritual Machines) I would call an actual masterpiece, without a weak track on it. Plus, dude, Raine's hair. It might be my favorite ever.

Yes, I am that shallow.

Sometimes. Not often, but sometimes.

This is not my favorite song on its album (Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch), but it is my favorite video, possibly of all OLP's. Melancholy and poignant and perfect. Though I would call Spiritual Machines a masterpiece, Happiness is my breath of fresh air. Every song is fun. Every song makes me happy. I think... yeah. Yep, every song.

Did I mention that for our ten year anniversary, Bryan got us tickets to see Our Lady Peace in Boston? My favorite band was actually playing in Atlanta on the date of our anniversary, but we, of course, were in New England at that point. So, when they played New England four days later, we prolonged our anniversary-weekend and drove to Boston (yikes!) and caught the show.

Amazing. Worth it. Completely. Holy cow.

Bryan's the best. Clearly those tickets proved he loves me. Right?

This video creeps Elijah out, but the song is amazing. That bass line... mmmm.

Now, I know these songs are pretty dated (2000, 1999 & 1994, respectively), but like I said, this is what's keeping me motivated this week to keep on the annoyingly good fight of packing and mothering. It's my happy music.

Love OLP? Hate 'em? (Hi, Beth!) Leave me some love and tell me about your happy music.


  1. I refuse to watch any of these videos. I was tempted but then I remembered how much I hate his singing. Actually based on this post I'm almost confident that you are trying to alienate me. If it wasn't for your willingness to proof my blog I'd think that perhaps you didn't like me at all, or maybe it's the commas you love.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I've been hitting up the old stuff pretty hard this week. Van Morrison, Paul Simon, CCR and tonight a little Elton John. I even listened to a little Bob Dylan.

    good things. :)

  2. Ilove all of those artists. All of them. Plus OLP.

    Believe it or not, I can be loyal to both you and OLP and not feel torn in the least. So long as you all know that I love you incomparably.

  3. Yay for yards!!! Since moving to the desert with a rock landscaped yard, I'm appreciating yards more than ever. At least there's plenty of dirt across the street for my kids to dig in. In fact, they dug up a really old Pepsi bottle with Spanish writing. Makes you wonder what some Mexican was doing out here back in the 70's? Probably the same thing they're doing out here now... 4 wheeling!